Ultra filtration (UF)

Fenton Technologies’ Ultra filtration (UF) membranes represent the zenith of water purification. Our membranes, designed with precision, offer unmatched clarity and longevity, ensuring every drop is pristine. Tailored to diverse needs, they provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions for water and wastewater treatment. With Fenton UF, expect sustainable operations, reduced costs, and adherence to stringent environmental standards. Trust in our expertise to safeguard your water purity. 

  • Why Choose Fenton’s UF Membranes?

    • Tailored for You: We offer both pressurized and immersed membrane options because we know one size doesn’t fit all. Your site’s needs are unique, and so are our solutions.
    • Efficiency at Its Best: Our membranes come with reinforced hollow fibers, which means you get more filtration power in the same space. It’s all about doing more with less, saving you money on both setup and operation.
    • Quality You Can Trust: Day in, day out, our UF membranes work tirelessly to block out solids and pathogens, ensuring the water you get is consistently pure, no matter the quality of the source.
    • Economical Over Time: We’ve designed our membranes to last longer, use less energy, and require fewer chemicals. That means lower costs over the life of your plant, and more savings in your pocket.
    • Innovation Is Our Middle Name: We’re always looking ahead, finding new ways to bring down costs and boost performance. With Fenton, you’re investing in a future where excellence is the norm.


 Customized Filtration Solutions

  • Efficiency and Sustainability in Water Treatment
  • Advanced Technology for Superior Quality
  • Economic and Ecological Benefits
  • Innovation at the Core of Water Purity
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