Fenton Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is A Leading STP Plant , ETP Plant , Oil Skimmers & Mbr Membrane Manufacturer & Supplier In Jaipur Rajasthan India 

Fenton Technologies is a leader in engineering equipment manufacturing and environmental research and development, providing innovative water treatment solutions.

Our MBR Membranes utilize advanced membrane technology for wastewater treatment, offering exceptional filtration efficiency for sustainable water purification.

Oil Skimmers are crucial for oil-water separation, effectively removing contaminants and aiding in the creation of cleaner industrial water solutions.

  1. While primarily used for solid-liquid separation, our Screw Presses contribute to various stages of water treatment plants, including desalination.

Bar Screens are an integral part of water treatment plants, removing large solids to protect downstream processes and improve water quality monitoring.

Our Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units employ advanced techniques for solid-liquid separation, ensuring enhanced water quality across diverse applications.

The MBR TP Plants are compact sewage treatment plants that offer comprehensive solutions for sustainable water use and management.

  1. Yes, our products, including MBR Membranes and DAF units, are designed for energy-efficient water treatment, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

We are committed to sustainable water use, utilizing bio-based water remediation and nanofiltration technologies in our products.

  1. We provide comprehensive support for our modular water treatment systems, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency.

 Yes, we offer customizable water filtration systems and water disinfection solutions to meet specific client needs.

Industries ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals can benefit from our water treatment and wastewater management solutions.

Through our environmental research and development, we provide equipment and solutions that promote sustainable water use and environmental sustainability.

You can visit our website or contact our team to learn about the latest in water treatment technology and environmental sustainability.

You can purchase our products directly from our website or by contacting our sales team for more information on our water treatment plants and equipment.

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Fenton Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is A Leading STP Plant , ETP Plant , Oil Skimmers & Mbr Membrane Manufacturer & Supplier In Jaipur Rajasthan India ETP PlantETP PlantETP Plant

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